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An impressive and captivating game that helps you make new friends and also relax in your free time
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In the vast unspoiled landscape of East China lie pristine lands, majestic mountains, lakes, rivers and verdant jungles. Men discovered these riches and marveled at its magnificence. There, they settled and flourished.

But as always, destruction finds its way into any paradise. Nature itself conjured terrible typhoons, earthquakes that leveled mountains and floods that wiped out entire villages.

And then came the hordes of demons and monsters. They swept the land like a plague, killing everything and everyone. Men could only weep for their loss and need to rebuild.

But humanity also created their own catastrophes incessant wars which brought famine and disease with it. Death spared no one and it claimed the weak and mighty, men and women, young and old.

The wise men of that period delved into ancient manuscripts and read the signs from the heavens to learn more, discovering the Nine Gods who ruled the Earth. They surmised that the catastrophes could have been avoided with the help of these Nine Gods.

Without guidance from these Nine Gods, many souls were led to the very doors of the Underworld, Yama. It is a place where evil people die and live again to suffer more.

So these wise men encouraged men to worship the Nine Gods. Men listened and everyone prayed to each God so that the cataclysm plaguing the land would stop. Men prayed, gave offerings and adhered to the teachings so that they would not end up in the Underworld.

But men also yearned to be free of Death's embrace. Men loved life. Thus he fervently sought immortality. And in this he sought the way of the warrior and the martial arts, perfecting both his mind and body.

It is uncertain but many believed that there were ways in order to attain immortality. Ancient teachings say that one must learn and increase one's intelligence and good virtue. Some books say that men must also invest a lifetime of energy and diligence to deal with hardship. They must also understand and manipulate myriad human emotions. Ancient texts also say that one must also be aware and understand good and ill fortunes that befall men.

These all lead to the path of true enlightenment.

It is said that once a warrior understands these things and perfects their minds and body, they will become an immortal. Immortality will give them supernatural human strength and wield the elemental powers of Heaven and Earth.

Those who have mastered these powers became the Legendary Immortals.

This endeavor to achieve immortality has been called the Journey to Immortality.
But this Journey is rife with dangers and difficulties and those who stray from the path often get corrupted by the powers of the Underworld.

For every age, the quest for immortality brings forth heroes. While the mystery of immortality remains unrevealed, the path is always open.
The Lands

In the pristine lands of China, there are three lush regions the majestic mountains, boundless water region and the verdant jungles. These regions are inhabited by all sorts of creatures, both benign and lethal.

The region of the uncivilized Yi people, which was captured by Mao Yinxue, is left unexplored as well as the remote and dense valleys of Tibet, which no one has seen for ten thousand years. These vast lands hold treasures that may yield the secrets and clues to immortality. Men and women have journeyed through these uncharted territories, testing their resolve and thus revealed their true character. They have carved their destinies and legends on the very stones and earth of China.

But ever the pursuit of immortality beckoned to humanity. Gradually, groups formed their own schools based on their beliefs and principles. Through these Schools, humanity prospered and avoided the evils. But their thirst to find the secret of immortality drove them to greater heights.

And here is where we begin the story.
The Blue Cloud Gate

“One night in the small quiet village of Qingyunshan, a great earthquake erupted and brought down terrible devastation to its inhabitants. Only two managed to survive: Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu. They were able to escape the horrible catastrophe by climbing the mountains and headed to the Blue Cloud Gate.

There was a reason these two survived. Their fates and destinies are intertwined.

Biyao had a natural talent in martial arts and was highly intelligent. Zhang Xiaofan on the other hand, did not display the same skills as Jingyu. In the time that passed, Jingyu became highly regarded in Blue Cloud Gate and the surrounding areas. Zhang secretly fell in love with a female martial artist, but she did not return his affections and regarded him as a younger brother. In time, Zhang's true power was revealed during a martial arts competition. He displayed skills and techniques taken from two different warring schools. This led to everyone suspecting Zhang's true character. But eventually he was defeated by a young female student, Lu Xue Qi, who secretly admired Zhang for his stubborn and rebellious persona. But the story is not yet finished.

ZX Online - an impressive and captivating game that helps you make new friends and also relax in your free time.

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